I [[t]blo͟ʊ[/t]] VERB USES
blows, blowing, blew, blown
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1) VERB When a wind or breeze blows, the air moves.

A chill wind blew at the top of the hill...

We woke to find a gale blowing outside.

2) V-ERG If the wind blows something somewhere or if it blows there, the wind moves it there.

[V n with adv] The wind blew her hair back from her forehead...

[V n with adv] Strong winds blew away most of the dust...

[V adv/prep] Her cap fell off in the street and blew away...

[V adv/prep] Sand blew in our eyes...

The bushes and trees were blowing in the wind. [Also V n prep]

3) VERB If you blow, you send out a stream of air from your mouth.

[V prep/adv] Danny rubbed his arms and blew on his fingers to warm them...

Take a deep breath and blow.

4) VERB If you blow something somewhere, you move it by sending out a stream of air from your mouth.

[V n with adv] He picked up his mug and blew off the steam. [Also V n prep]

5) VERB If you blow bubbles or smoke rings, you make them by blowing air out of your mouth through liquid or smoke.

[V n] He blew a ring of blue smoke.

6) V-ERG When a whistle or horn blows or someone blows it, they make a sound by blowing into it.

The whistle blew and the train slid forward...

[V n] A guard was blowing his whistle.

7) VERB When you blow your nose, you force air out of it through your nostrils in order to clear it.

[V n] He took out a handkerchief and blew his nose.

8) VERB To blow something out, off, or away means to remove or destroy it violently with an explosion.

[V n with adv] The can exploded, wrecking the kitchen and bathroom and blowing out windows...

[V n prep] Rival gunmen blew the city to bits.

9) VERB If you say that something blows an event, situation, or argument into a particular extreme state, especially an uncertain or unpleasant state, you mean that it causes it to be in that state.

[V n with adv] The dramatic World Motor Sports Council meeting in Paris blew the championship wide open as Schumacher was also docked six points...

[V n prep] Someone took an inappropriate use of words on my part and tried to blow it into a major controversy.

10) VERB If you blow a large amount of money, you spend it quickly on luxuries. [INFORMAL]

[V n on n] Before you blow it all on a luxury cruise, give a little thought to the future...

[V n] My brother lent me some money and I went and blew the lot.

11) VERB If you blow a chance or attempt to do something, you make a mistake which wastes the chance or causes the attempt to fail. [INFORMAL]

[V n] He has almost certainly blown his chance of touring India this winter.

[V n] ...the high-risk world of real estate, where one careless word could blow a whole deal...

[V it] Oh you fool! You've blown it!

12) V-ERG If a fuse blows or if something blows it, the fuse melts because too much electricity has been sent through it, and the electrical current is cut off.

The fuse blew as he pressed the button. [Also V n]

13) V-ERG If you blow a tyre or if it blows, a hole suddenly appears in it and all the air comes out of it.

[V n] A lorry blew a tyre and careered into them...

The car tyre blew.

Blow out means the same as blow.

V P A tyre blew out when the coach was on its way.

14) PHRASE: V and N inflect If you blow your own trumpet or blow your own horn, you tell people that you are very clever or successful.

Hollywood cameramen have good reason to blow their own trumpets.

15) See also , overblown
to blow away the cobwebssee cobweb
to blow someone's coversee cover
to blow hot and coldsee hot
to blow a kisssee kiss
to blow a raspberrysee raspberry
to blow your topsee top
to blow the whistlesee whistle
Phrasal Verbs:
II [[t]blo͟ʊ[/t]] NOUN USES
1) N-COUNT: oft N to/on n If someone receives a blow, they are hit with a fist or weapon.

He went off to hospital after a blow to the face.

2) N-COUNT: oft N to n If something that happens is a blow to someone or something, it is very upsetting, disappointing, or damaging to them.

When the marriage finally broke up it was obviously a terrible blow to Soames...

That ruling comes as a blow to environmentalists...

His death dealt a severe blow to the army's morale.

3) PHRASE: V inflects If two people or groups come to blows, they start fighting.

The representatives almost came to blows at a meeting.

4) PHRASE: V inflects Something that softens the blow or cushions the blow makes an unpleasant change or piece of news easier to accept.

The French government is looking for financial compensation from the EC to soften the blow of the agreement.

5) PHRASE: V inflects, PHR n If you strike a blow for a particular cause or principle, you do something that supports it or makes it more likely to succeed.

The team struck a blow for women's rights by winning the match.

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